Syracuse Half Marathon Recap

Syracuse Half Marathon Recap

We know this post is a little delayed, but since our website was being updated, we couldn’t post anything new. We hope you still take the time to read our recap because late is better than never!
On March 26th, we ran the Syracuse Half Marathon. Travis was returning for his 4th year and I was running for the 3rd time.

We opted to leave the kids at home for this trip, so Saturday morning we drove to Syracuse. Our first stop was at Fleet Feet Sports for bib pick up and their “Ban the Blizzard” party. Thankfully, there was no blizzard in the forecast this year…but we were looking at some pretty chilly temps with a high chance of rain.

We spent a little time browsing the store and took advantage of the sales they were having. Once we were finished at Fleet Feet we headed to the mall to do some shopping and have an early dinner. We had tickets to see the traveling production of Wicked that evening. I’d been looking forward to seeing this show for a long time…and it definitely did not disappoint! The show was at the stunning Landmark Theater and was just as good as I was hoping. Travis – who, let’s be honest – hates the Wizard of Oz, even enjoyed the show. It was fun evening of live theater. The show went pretty late, so by the time we got back to the hotel it was time to get to bed for our early wake up.

We got to the Oncenter Convention Center around 6:45. This is one of my favorite parts about this race. It’s a nice perk to have somewhere warm to wait before the race. You literally walk out the doors of the Oncenter and you’re at the corrals. Also, it finishes in the same location so you can jet right back inside to warm up afterwards.

Jen: I don’t have much of a race recap, but I do have some thoughts about this race. This time, I opted to run without any goals. My only focus was to finish and have fun. It ended up kind of being a game changer for me. This was by far the most I have enjoyed a race, because I didn’t put any pressure on myself. For once, I didn’t deal with the negative thoughts or have any of the mental struggles that I typically encounter during a race. Instead, I talked to people, read the race signs, had a mimosa at mile nine (it was SO good!) and didn’t pay much attention to my watch. My main take away from this is this: Running is supposed to be FUN. Granted it’s good to have goals to work towards, but if I’m putting so much pressure on myself that I’m not enjoying it anymore…why do it? So, from now, on I’m going to try to focus more on enjoying myself. The goals will come eventually.

Travis: This race is special because this is the event that began my adventure with running 4 years ago. Each year at this event I have had to battle and overcome either an injury or the weather. Last year was the blizzard where the term “SyraCrazy” was dubbed after running in single digits while 6.6” of snow fell in three hours with winds gusting at 44 mph. 2015 was a snowstorm the night before the race with a snow covered course and cold temperatures in the morning. In 2014, I suffered my first hernia two weeks before the race and ran/walked this race with my wife. No matter what happens, I always enjoy this race.

The truth is I also do not have much of a race recap. This year, the weather finally gave us a break, although the temperature could have warmed up slightly. I went into this event with no goal, because two days after the race I had Hernia surgery planned to repair a second hernia. My only objective of the day was to enjoy the morning and share a race day with my wife – both of which were successful. I simply ran this race because I love this event. And I know that no matter what, I’ll be back again.

A few days before the race, the race director announced that the Syracuse Half Marathon will be moving from a spring race to a fall race starting this fall. This means that there will be two Syracuse Half Marathon’s in 2017. Travis won an entry into the fall race with his insane YouTube knowledge during a trivia contest and I was able to gain entry through as a preferred participant, so we will both be returning to Syracuse on November 12! We can’t wait to tell you all about it.

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