Weekly Wrap 4/16 – 4/23: Road Trippin’

Weekly Wrap 4/16 – 4/23: Road Trippin’

We begin our Weekly Wrap excited to share our new blog with all the readers. It’s been three months of winter writing lulls and website redesign but we are excited for spring, because just like our trees and flowers, we are blooming again. Our last week was spent on an adventure filled, fast paced road trip from upstate New York to St. Augustine, Florida.

Although the trip coincided with our son’s spring break from school, this was actually a work trip for Travis that he was fortunate enough to bring all of us along for. We left in the middle of the night and headed towards our first stop – Washington, D.C. We did this because it allowed the kids to sleep and us to make some headway without the necessary evils of bathroom breaks and calls from the back seat asking for more snacks, drinks or a new movie. Our main destination on this day was the Air and Space Museum, or one of them technically speaking as there are two actual buildings.

We arrived shortly after the museum opened and we spent our morning touring the exhibits. Our son’s favorite part of the day was learning all about satellites and getting to see them. When we left the museum, the rest of our afternoon was spent enjoy the beautiful weather and taking a long walk around the National Mall, enjoying the monuments.

After spending the night in D.C, we traveled the entire next day to our next destination in Savannah, GA. On Easter morning, we took the kids to Chippewa Square to try (key word) and take an Easter photo. It didn’t go as planned, of course. Afterwards we walked through town and stopped at Forsyth Park to let the kids burn off some energy after being cramped in the car all day before. The kids had an absolute blast. We ended our day by heading out to Tybee Island where we enjoyed the sun, sand, and waves.

On Monday, as we finished our trip south we stopped for a fun day at the Jacksonville Zoo. This was our first time visiting this zoo and we absolutely loved it. The highlight of the day for us was when the kids got to feed Fiji, a baby giraffe. The kids also got to feed some Lorikeets. This was Peyton’s favorite.  Parker enjoyed it as well. It was hard to keep Peyton from petting the birds, which was not allowed.

Once we arrived in At. Augustine, Jen and the kids spent there days sightseeing around Old St. Augustine, playing in the pool at the hotel and enjoying the warm weather that thus far is absent in northern New York while I spent my days working.

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