I’m Back – My Return to Running

I’m Back – My Return to Running

Hey everyone! So in addition to being down recently while we updated our website, I was also down for mandatory recovery following an outpatient surgery to repair an Inguinal Hernia.

One of the hardest things for me agreeing to the surgery was the risk of complications – the most pressing of which is the high risk of chronic pain. Being I enjoy running and living my life pain free I was hesitant/reluctant/apprehensive to have the surgery done. Which leads me to my next point – I had two hernias. That’s right, I actually suffered my first one in March of 2014 and still have it to this day. It doesn’t bother me, isn’t affecting my health and so I am still living with it. My second hernia that I received in November was worse and thus needed surgery to repair.

I scheduled my surgery for the two days after my last spring race, the Syracuse Half Marathon. All went well with the surgery and I was home recovering by mid-evening. What I didn’t expect was how bad the surgery would affect my ability to walk for the next two weeks. I could barely roll out of bed in the morning and I needed about as much help as you could imagine.

But like everything in life, it didn’t last and I am happy to report that I got back to running this week. It’ still going to be a long process getting back in shape before I begin preparing the 2017 Chicago Marathon, but it feels great to lace up the running shoes and put some miles on my legs. I am excited to share my journey back to the starting line with you.

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