In The Meantime

In The Meantime

Good morning!

Today I thought I’d share a little bit about what I (Jen) have been up to lately.

Originally following my last race (Syracuse) I was going to be racing again in Nashville. The plan was to run with my sister who would be doing her first half marathon. Unfortunately about a week after I registered we found out that Travis would be working out of town for a month and that he would have to leave a few days before the race was supposed to happen. Not living by family we don’t really have the option to get away without kids, and taking them to Nashville wasn’t a viable option either. I ended up backing out of the race.

Aside from some local 5Ks I don’t have anything on my schedule until Ragnar Adirondacks in September. Training for the Chicago Marathon will start in June. I decided to take some time and back off of heavy training to focus on other areas of fitness. I’m still running 4 days a week, but I’ve backed way off on my mileage and intensity.

With Travis being gone this has actually been a blessing. My days have been extremely busy to say the least and I’m not sure I’d be able to commit to full on training right now. The runs are still a priority of course, but it definitely would have been difficult for me to commit to long runs on the weekends having the kids on my own right now . Not only am I handling the normal daily stuff around the house and with the kids…but I’m also coaching Parker’s mini t-ball league (which is a workout in itself) and handling all of the leg work for our upcoming Piece By Piece 5K.

I’ve been using Jillian Michael’s BodyShred program as my main workouts with short runs added in. I’ve also started a round of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I’m currently on day 3 so I’ll share my results once I’m finished. I’m adding speed work back in this week and will soon start upping my long run mileage again in preparation for Marathon training.

My hope is that by switching my focus for a while that I’ll be able to make it to all of the start lines healthy this year.

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