Update from the Road Warrior — 2017 Edition

Update from the Road Warrior — 2017 Edition

Two nights and one day – that’s the amount of time I have spent at home in New York in the last 33 days. I’ve been away for over a month conducting multiple training’s for work and in that time I have racked up a heck of a lot of points in hotel rewards and also added a substantial amount to my waistline. Although I’ve been away, I have had the opportunity to do some interesting things and see some new places.

I had the opportunity to go to my first live horse racing event at the Charles Town Races and although I do not like wasting my money gambling, I did place a few bets and I was fortunate to win big during the first race when I picked the winner. My betting luck continued a week later when I bet Always Dreaming to win the Kentucky Derby, again doubling my investment.

I also had a good friend come and visit and while he was here we took a trip into Washington, D.C. in order to cross a new ball park off our “to visit” list. We went and watched the Washington Nationals play the New York Mets in a game for the record books. Anthony Rendon went 6-for-6 with 3 home runs and 10 RBI’s in a 23-5 win for the Nationals! Although neither of us are Nationals fans, we enjoyed watching history being made and sharing an afternoon at the ball game.

I was fortunate to have my wife and kids come a visit for Mother’s Day weekend and we stayed busy the entire time. We took the kids to the Udvar Hazy Center (a.k.a. Air & Space Museum Annex next to Dulles Airport) and although our youngest child decided to spend the day auditioning for the role of ’emotionally distraught / temperamental 16 year old’, we nevertheless had a great time seeing some world aviation history and I personally was very geeked out to see the Space Shuttle Discovery.

We got a chance to see some history when we walked through old town Harper’s Ferry, WV and hike the Appalachian Trail across the Potomac River and into Maryland. We also had a chance to take the family to the training facility I’m at for a family day event where Jen and the kids got to experience first-hand a few of the things I get to do while at work.

Although I enjoy doing new things, there is something calming about home and routines. I’m excited to see my family, get back to running and back to coaching T-ball, but first I still have 6 more days to get through. Here’s to hoping the final week is quick!

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