Chicago Marathon Week 3 Training

Chicago Marathon Week 3 Training

Welcome back to the Tale of 2 Halfs. It’s finally summer break here in upstate New York where the school year lasts forever! We had a great week and enjoyed having our family in town. Overall, June has been a crazy busy month and we are excited to slow down a bit, at least for a short while before our summer vacation at the end of July.

It was another big week for Parker. He graduated from Pre-K on Tuesday. He must have been really excited to do so- as soon as they handed him his “diploma” he threw his arms up in the air in celebration. What a kid! His last official day of school was Thursday. He also finished up his second season of T-Ball this week


On Thursday we headed to Ottawa for the evening. We had tickets to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Soul 2 Soul tour. It was a great show!

Travis –

Week three was good overall. I had to do some rescheduling in order to make runs fit into my schedule, mainly Thursday – Sunday. What I am the most impressed with thus far is the fact that no matter what has been thrown my way, I have simply rescheduled instead of cancelling a run. In previous training periods I would end up missing many runs because of my work / life schedule. That’s not to say I won’t ever miss a run, rather just happy that with how busy June was, I stuck with my goal. On another note, I mentioned last week that my pace times were not where I would like them, and although one week hasn’t made much of a difference, I did improve slightly. Here’s a look at my week:

Monday: 6 Miles

Tuesday: 6 Miles

Wednesday: 2 mile warm-up; 5 x 800 @ 5k pace with 1-2 min. rest; 1 x 1200 m @ 5k pace; 1 mile cool-down. (6 miles)

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: 9 Miles

Saturday: 5 Miles

Sunday: 9 Mile Long Run @ 7:35 pace

Weekly Total = 41 Miles

Jen –

My legs have been feeling the mileage increase this week for sure. Thankfully it was a cut back week for my long run so I got a little bit of a break there. With all of our visitors the last couple weeks my strength training has been lacking a bit. It’s definitely time to get back on track, so I’m planning to start this week off right with a Strong by Zumba class tonight. I also really need to spend some extra time with the foam roller this week, my IT band is feeling a little tight the last few days.

Monday: 3 Miles

Tuesday: 4 Miles

Wednesday: 2 Miles WU, 4x800m, 1×400, 1 Mile CD for 6 miles total

Thursday: 5 Miles

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 4 Miles

Sunday: 7 Miles

Weekly Total =  29  Miles
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