Friday Five: Things We Do Outside of Running

Friday Five: Things We Do Outside of Running

While running demands much of the free time that we have (at least during a training cycle), we do have many other interests that we like to sneak in whenever we get the chance. We thought we’d share a few of those things today

  1. Other Sports – Jen plays on a women’s volleyball league during the school year, and I play on a hockey league through work as much as my schedule will allow. We both also really enjoy golfing but don’t often get the chance to get out together.
  2. Coaching – I’ve coached t-ball for two years now, and I’m considering going through the USA Hockey coaching program for the fall. Its fun and challenging to get in with the kids to help them learn a sport.
  3. Travel: This one is one of our favorite things, but probably gets done the least. The majority of our travel these days is done to see our family that lives in Michigan. This year we’ve gotten the chance to do some “for fun” travel with our trip to the Dominican, and in a few weeks we’ll be headed to the Smokies in Tennessee with some friends for a family vacation. We’re super excited to spend a week relaxing!
  4. Woodworking: This allows Travis to make something from scratch, to have a vision and see it come to life. It can be challenging at times, making him think through problems. It’s relaxing work and can help take his mind off of other things.
  5. ¬†Concerts: I (Jen) love, love, love live music (mainly country). We don’t get too many shows within easy driving distance, so whenever we get the chance we’re in! We most recently saw Tim McGraw and Faith Hill last week, and have tickets for Luke Bryan and Brett Eldredge in August. Our favorite show of all time has probably been Garth Brooks though!

What are your weekend plans?¬†We’re looking at more rain so not much for us!


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