A Minor Setback

A Minor Setback

Last Thursday afternoon I (Jen) had just finished up a six mile run during Peyton’s nap..when I have to run with the kids at home it’s easiest to do it during her nap- otherwise it’s stopping every five minutes or so for an emergency of one sort or another. Anyways, I was finished with my run and she was still sound asleep, so I decided to try to squeeze in a strength workout before she woke up.

I was about ten minutes in and had just finished up with some weighted squats. I was moving my weights and had them at about waist height. I honestly couldn’t tell you how it went down but the next thing I knew i was feeling an awful pain in my left foot. I had somehow managed to drop the 15 pound dumbbell with the end of it landing directly on the top of my foot. After some (a lot) of cursing and a few (a lot) tears I assessed the damage. I couldn’t move my toes without the pain getting significantly worse and there was already a bruise forming and my foot was swelling up.

“It’s broken, it’s gotta be broken” were my first thoughts. After a few minutes of panic I called Travis. He was already at work for the evening. I was supposed to be heading to a get together to finalize plans for our Ragnar Adirondack team that evening but instead I was heading to Urgent Care for x-rays. Thankfully my wait wasn’t long at all and I quickly had a doctor assessing my foot. She didn’t think it looked good but wanted to let the x-rays confirm.

About a half an hour later she was coming back in to tell me that by some miracle I had NOT broken my foot but did have a significant bone contusion (bruised bone). She gave me crutches, some ibuprofen and told me it could be anywhere from one week to a couple of months before my foot was healed. So the news was good in the sense that I didn’t have a metatarsal fracture, but the timeline for recovery was very much up in the air as were my fall racing plans.

The doctor told me to use the crutches for as long as I needed to and to stay off my foot as much as possible as well as icing my foot often. Let me say, crutches are not fun to begin with, let alone when you have two littles at home. Not easy at all. Thankfully, by Friday morning I had a little bit of improvement- it didn’t hurt to move my toes any more and the swelling was coming down a little bit. I still couldn’t get a shoe on but progress is progress.

By Sunday I was able to fully not use the crutches and I’ve had a lot of improvement since then. My foot has turned several shades of purple over the last few days, but the bruising is slowly fading. I’m not having much pain at all…just the top of my foot is still a little tender.

I’ve started doing some very low impact exercises (arms, core work, etc.) but I’m still giving it a few more days before I attempt anything more. This could have turned out a lot worse and I’m very thankful that it seems to be healing relatively quickly. At least right now, I don’t think that this will affect my fall races as I had originally feared.

The plan right now is to take it day by day and get back to business as soon as I can safely do so. We’re just over two months out from the Chicago Marathon, so I’ll have a little catching up to do but thankfully the only goal for this race is completion so I’m trying to not stress too much over it.


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