Chicago Marathon: Three Weeks Out

Chicago Marathon: Three Weeks Out

Good morning!

This week threw a few curve balls at us. On Monday morning I got a call from the school nurse stating that Parker hurt his arm on the playground and they weren’t sure if it was dislocated or not. After x-rays were done in the emergency room we were told that he had a severe break in his elbow and would be having surgery in a few hours to have pins placed to help set the bone back in place. It definitely was not what I was expecting to hear and he was understandably very scared and unsure of what was happening.

Thankfully, our hospital has a pediatric orthopedic surgeon on staff and the surgery was quick and complication free. After a night in the hospital Parker came home on Tuesday. He’s doing really well and should be all healed within a few weeks time.

This also was supposed to mark our last big week of training. We both ended up missing Monday’s and Tuesday’s runs for good reason. Sunday was scheduled to be our last 20 mile run so we scheduled our babysitter so we could both knock it out at the same time (thank goodness, as by the time we finished around 11 am it was 80 degrees and extremely humid)

Neither of our runs went as planned. I was having some stomach issues and just didn’t feel great in general. I managed to hit all 20 miles but they weren’t fun. Miles are miles right? After tweaking his knee last weekend, Travis was having some knee pain and made the decision to cut his run at 14 miles. Better safe than sorry at this point. We’re both shaking it off and trusting that the rest of our training is enough.

Next weekend will bring Ragnar Adirondacks. Originally, I was going to be running on a women’s team, but we had a runner get injured last minute and Travis will be jumping in to fill her spot. We’re looking forward to having a fun weekend running through the mountains.

We are also looking forward to training winding down and getting some much needed recovery time before Chicago in three weeks.

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