Ragnar Adirondacks Recap

Ragnar Adirondacks Recap

This past weekend Travis and I spent the weekend running through the mountains for Ragnar Adirondacks. I’m going to begin with a little bit of backstory…

It’s a miracle that we made it to the start line. We had already deferred our teams registration from 2016 because of not being able to fill the team and we were continuing to have issues finding a full team again for this year. A week before the race we lost two runners due to illness and injury. Thankfully we had two people available at the last minute that were able to fill the open slots. We recruited Travis last Sunday to fill runner three and found one other runner on Wednesday afternoon to fill runner nine’s spot. It was a little bit of a stressful start to the weekend, but at least it all worked out.

On Thursday afternoon we picked up our vans and headed towards Saratoga Springs where the start line for the 200 mile race is. We had a 5:00AM start time, so the goal was to try to get some decent sleep as the next two days would not bring much in the way of rest. Even though our intentions were good, we only ended up with about three and a half hours before our alarms were buzzing.

Not long after we woke up runner one crossed the start line and our journey to Lake Placid was on! During the 4th leg of the race, at the last minute, runner six in our van backed out of her legs due to injury leaving three of our runners with extra legs. These were our first legs:

Travis: Leg 1-6.3 miles

Jen: Leg 1- 4 miles

We met up with van two at the first major exchange where they took over for their first legs to bring them into Lake George.

Once they were off and running we grabbed some much needed breakfast and headed to Million Dollar Beach in Lake George to shower and wait for the next van exchange. The views here did not disappoint!

After a few hours van one was up for our second legs. It had gotten incredibly hot outside, so we were looking forward to sunset and a slight dip in the temperatures.  Here are second legs:

Travis: Leg 2- 5.8 miles, extra leg 8.7 miles

Jen: Leg 2- 6 miles- This was the Ragnar Leg for the course. Tongue Mountain was no joke! There was a gain of 833 feet and a loss of 745 feet

After our second legs we were able to grab showers, food and some sleep at Ticonderoga Middle School. It was only about three hours before we had to be up to drive to the next exchange to meet van two again. Here are our final legs:

Travis: Leg 3- 5.7 miles

Jen: Leg 3- 5.6 miles

These miles were done mostly in the dark, but I did have a nice view of the sunrise during the last mile of my leg. A couple hours later and van one was done! We took advantage of a quick shower and then headed to Lake Placid for some much needed food and to hang out at the finish area while we waited to run in van two.

Our official finish time was 33:24:05 for 193.1 miles. This was such a great experience with an awesome team. We are very much looking forward to next years race already!


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