Marathon Weekend Plans

Marathon Weekend Plans

It’s race week! (!!!!!!)

How I’m feeling has varied from excited, to anxious, to nauseous and back to excited again. We will be heading towards Chicago on Thursday evening with the hopes of arriving right as the expo is opening on Friday morning. This year’s trip will be kid free- it’ll be more fun for them to be home this time as we’ve got a couple of extra events going on.

Here’s a little bit of what we will be up to over the course of the weekend:

Friday will be our expo day. We’re also going to be spending some time in the Autism Speaks booth, so stop and say hi! We’ve got dinner planned with some of the Autism Speaks staff and the other runner mentors

Saturday morning we’re running the Chicago International 5K as a shakeout for Sunday. We might try to hit up the We Run Social meet up since we will happen to be in the area. We also have the team dinner for Team Up! with Autism Speaks. This is always a great chance to get to know some of the other runners while carbing up for the marathon.


Being that this is my first go at 26.2 I’m not setting any expectations in terms of time. I want to finish the race, and try to enjoy it as much as possible. I’ve heard countless times that Chicago is a great city to run a first marathon in, so I’m very excited to experience it!

Travis is shooting for his 3:15:00 again this year. Last years race was 3:15:12 so he’s incredibly close!

To everyone running Chicago this weekend: we hope you have a great race!

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