Syracuse Half Marathon and Exciting News!

Syracuse Half Marathon and Exciting News!

This weekend we will be heading to Syracuse for the Syracuse Half Marathon!

You may recall that we have already ran this race once this year. Right before the spring race it was announced that the race would be moving to the fall starting in 2017 so there will actually be two runnings this year. Syracuse is usually a staple race for the two of us- this will be Travis’ fifth time and my fourth time running. I missed one year because I had just given birth to our daughter a few weeks prior.

We are very excited to be able to run this race without a major threat of a snowstorm like we’ve had in years prior. The weather is looking pretty good, cool temps but no signs of precipitation (fingers crossed).

In all honesty, neither of us are expecting much at this race. Since Chicago, running has kid of taken a back seat to life. Between hunting season, illness and the kids activity schedules we’ve been just squeezing in what we can.

We’ve got some other plans while were in Syracuse for the weekend. We were able to snag some tickets to see the traveling production of the Lion King at the Landmark Theater on Saturday evening. In the spring we saw Wicked- I’m loving this tradition!

In other exciting news, earlier this week Travis received some very exciting news. He was selected as one of two runners to run the 2018 Boston Marathon for Team Up! With Autism Speaks. Running Boston has been a huge goal for him and it will be made even more special by running for a cause so close to us. We are very excited to support him  through his training and even more excited to be able to experience marathon weekend with him in April! He will be sharing all of his training here and on our social media as well. If you would like to check out his fundraising page and learn a little more about his experience in running for Autism Speaks you can find it here.


In one last bit of news, I found out this week that I have been selected as part of the 2018 Honey Stinger Hive! I’m very excited to work with a brand that I love and to be a part of an amazing group of athletes!

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