Boston Marathon Training: Weeks 1 and 2

Boston Marathon Training: Weeks 1 and 2

It’s been two weeks since I began training for my first Boston Marathon and the adjustment has been going well. I’m using a plan developed by B.A.A. High Performance Coach Terrence Mahon. I like the balance regarding the types of runs and subtle flexibility that it provides. On multiple days each week, it will list a range, such as 4-6 miles, and leaves the decision up to me as to the distance that day. It’s working out well with my busy schedule and long work days, and on the days I need to run the minimum amount I don’t feel like I cheated myself as I have in the past when I shorted a training run.

The plan provided me with pacing guidelines for the various workouts based on my marathon goal time  and has me running mostly 6 days a week. My training is broken down into different phases, the first part is the 3-week prep phase.  My first week looked like this:


Monday: 5.50 Miles Easy (4-6 Miles)

Tuesday: Missed Run (5-7 Miles)

Wednesday: 6.50 Miles Aerobic (7 Miles)

Thursday: Off Day

Friday: 6 Miles Easy (4-6 Miles)

Saturday: 5 Miles Easy (5-6 Miles)

Sunday: 11 Miles Easy (11-13 Miles)

Total Ran = 34 Miles (45 Miles Possible, 75% Completed)



Monday: Off Day

Tuesday: 7 Miles Aerobic (6-7 Miles)

Wednesday: 4 Miles Easy (4-6 Miles)

Thursday: 7 Miles Aerobic (7 Miles)

Friday: 6 Miles Easy (4-6 Miles)

Saturday: 5 Miles Aerobic (5 Miles)

Sunday: 12 Miles Aerobic (12-13 Miles)

Total Ran = 41 Miles (44 Miles Possible, 93% Completed)


Today starts week three and I’m slowly getting more excited for this opportunity. I still don’t think it has hit me yet the privilege I’ve been given but I’m sure that once I get through this crazy part of the year and settle into 2018 it will. Right now, I’m focused on doing my runs and trying my hardest not to miss any more days through the toughest part of the year – the holidays. Here’s to hoping I stay on task, that my fitness continues to improve and that my backordered shoes finally arrive in the mail (I mean seriously Asics, what’s your deal?)

I hope to continue this next week as I wrap up the first phase of training and continue with phase 2 on my journey to Bolyston.

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