Boston Marathon Training: Weeks 5-8

Boston Marathon Training: Weeks 5-8

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Tale of 2 Halfs! It’s been a while since we posted anything and we sure do want to be better about it in 2018. The last time I shared anything with you about my training for the 2018 Boston Marathon was a month ago, so today I thought I would give a recap of what I’ve been up to for the last month.

Week five started on Christmas day and with the holidays, being gone for two weeks, horrible winter weather and a diet that was anything but exceptional I was disappointed in my training during weeks five and six. I completed only 79% of the scheduled distance with 78.5 miles ran out of a possible 99 miles. During these weeks my runs felt slow, labored and painful. Traveling and not being in a routine surely messes with my training.

Weeks seven and eight gave me a better chance to stay on schedule now that I was done traveling but I still had to make some adjustments due to personal and family obligations. I finished week 7 running 39 out of 42 scheduled miles for a 93% completion rate and had my longest run so far at 16 miles. Week eight was good in the aspect that I ran all seven days but unfortunately due to time constraints and other obligations, many of my runs were cut short. I finished the week with 49 out of 58 miles for an 84% completion rate.

Overall, the last month has definitely had its ups and downs. I was scheduled for about 199 miles and completed only 167 – an 84% rate. My goal moving forward is to complete more of the scheduled distance to give myself the best chance of doing well on April 16th.

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